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Chloe and Max have known each other from a young age. Chloe's real father died in a car crash when she was still young. during that time, Max and her family had left Arcadia bay leaving Chloe to feel betrayed. During that period of time Chloe died her hair, changed her personality completely and her mom married a new man. Chloe and her stepfather have a not so loving relationship and often results in conflict. Chloe met Rachel, (the missing girl) during that summer and was able to cope. However, Rachel goes missing leaving Chloe to return to her unhappy state. Chloe is first seen in the game when Max goes to the bathroom. There, she is shot and killed by Nathan Presscot when she supposedly threatens to black mail him. This is the scene where Max discovers she has her ability sand manages to go back in time without realizing to save Chloe. Chloe Price is in dept. to the character Frank and tries to get money from Nathan to pay him back but there is an option to take the school's handicapped fund to pay him back. Chloe (if you are not careful) can shoot Frank's dog Pompidou and then Frank. Luckily Max goes back in time and fixes it. Go back in time a little bit to when Chloe finds the fund and then afterwards her and Max go on a little swim in the Blackwell Pool. A major shipping moment for Max X Chloe shippers ;)
“Chloe Price”
Chloe Price
Character Information



Joyce Price
David Madsen

Series Information
Series Lifespan

Chrysalis to Polarized


Depends (can be dead or alive)

Voice Actor

Ashly Burch

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